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Solid Curtains

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Modern window treatments are ready to bring new twist in your interiors. It’s time to get drenched into vivid pastels for evolving decors. Create a look that’s stylish yet serene with accents you love and you aspire and dream about all day long. Even the most devout lovers of prints can’t give our solid color curtains a miss. They have got a mesmerizing charm along with super functionality for decors that breathe, inspire and pampers.

A perfect cozy den to sleep, meditate, read, play, relax or study is possible with insulating cotton curtains. These solid color curtains are fabricated with pure cotton to ooze pure luxury in the house. The sheer, light yet durable fabric can withstand daily use challenges. There is nothing to worry about color bleeds, as they have been tested for color fastness thoroughly. With the thick casement cotton of Swayam solid curtains, one can expect a complete ecstasy inside the milieu. They are appropriate for machine or hand wash as the original quality is not going to ruin even after repeated washes. Modern opulence of these drapes can reinvent the style while adding luxury to your abode. So, enliven the sleeping desires of yours with rainbow platter to lead an exhilarating life.  

Daring colors are raining within the collection to play with the mood of your room. The elegance of plain cotton curtains would never go wrong with any design scheme. They are perfect to dramatize otherwise boring doors and windows and turning overall view inviting. Along with eyelet fittings, they have matching loop tie ups as well for the smart, close fit. Foldable lengths are also provided to make necessary adjustments if required. So, take a cue from our solid color curtains to decide the next décor theme for your living space. Let the burst of colors set new trends on your doors and windows.