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Magical Linea

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Sophistication redefines itself with the magical linea bed sheet. With the stripes at play you can have the worldliness charm at your dwelling. The invigorating range of the products will be adorning your room with elegance. It will suffice all your décor needs at one go. Giving you a boost in your passion and love it will bring out the best in you. Spending a quality time with your family will be a new experience all together.

With resistant hues the richness and vibrancy of the beautiful bed sheet will be retained forever. Striped bed sheet will bring the old world charm to the modern contemporary world in a new and innovative way. Unlike the synthetic counterparts available in the market the striped bedding sets are made of pure cotton, giving a nature’s touch to you, your family or anyone visiting you. LIZA finish acts as a cherry on top and maintains the charm by adding a subtle glow to the overall look.

Mercerized fabric with high thread count ensures the good quality of the cloth which also possesses high durability. Ease to maintain striped bedding sets can be washed directly in the washing machine with cold water. The only requisite you need to follow is drying them up in the shade. Even after regular washes the magical linea bed sheet does not lose its charm. They being non allergenic prove to be hygienic for your children as they tend to fall sick frequently.

Brilliant glamour that these have will earn you great compliments from your friends and relatives making you the queen among your peers. Breathtaking charisma pulls one and all towards it. Get ready to be enticed by the loveliness of the Magical Linea Bed Sheet. Alluring you to have a sound and tight sleep on it they will fill you with positivity and serenity making you calm and soothing you. You can have customized sheeting if you want with the fitted alternative of the same for a clutter free and ordered look. Give you dwelling a urban and chic look with these trendy lines.