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Kids Cot Bumper

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Every parent wants to see their child sleep uninterruptedly with a cute smile on his face. To see this view, you must make their bedding comfortable and soft so that they feel a soothing sensation. You child needs your love and care, especially infants who needs to be protected from all kinds of hazard. Buy kids cot bumper from our online shopping portal and keep your child safe while maintain a lively ambience. These swayam cot bumpers are designed by experts who have researched on the likes and dislikes of children. They are designed with vibrant colors and childish cartoon designs which make them perfect for your kids.

You child will have a fun and energetic time in their cot surrounded by vivid colors and wonderful prints. They will not only make you child joyful but also creates a blissful aura around your room. You will get to see your child in a happy mood all the time when you place this cot bumper around them. You can avail cot bumper online at a reasonable price.

They are made from premium grade cotton which is stuffed with 300gsm of poly fill. This makes them soft and protects your kids from the sturdy cot. You can stay carefree when you child is sleeping in a cot surrounded by this crib bedding set. They are ideal for newly born infants as they are lined with a non permanent health layer. Your child will go through an uninterrupted sleep as they are skin friendly and free from allergens. There is no oozing of fibers from the cot bumper which can cause irritation. Your child will be have a good time on his cot with this bumper surrounding them.

Buy kids cot bumper from our online shopping portal and keep your kids safe. These cot bumpers have 14 tie-up points which allows you to tie all around the confinement keeping it firm in position. This continuous length of cover will offer all sides of the cot, preventing any injury or discomfort.

You can also wash these cot bumpers as they are strong and colorfast in nature. A quick machine wash will remove all the dirt and stains without hampering the quality and color. We recommend you to use cold water and dry in shade to retain the quality. You can avail cot bumper online from in many colors and designs.