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Duvets, Comforters & Quilts

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Beds are not only meant for you to lie down and relax but also to offer you comfort and composure. A lot of accessories can be merged with your bed as your desire calls. Comforters and quilts are one of the accessories which give a contented look to your bed as well as keep you warm during winter seasons. Made and designed with precision, these covers can make a close match with any bed cover. You will notice a change in your sleeping habits and postures when you have these duvet and comforters keeping you warm through the night.

Duvet covers: They make a very good cover as they are made using superior grade cotton. Twill woven with intricacy, these duvet covers makes a very good fabric to cuddle with. Whether it’s night and day these single and double covers will keep your family warm and cozy. They are available in sizes of 90”×100” and 60”×90” at a very reasonable price. Tie-up loops are stitched along the edges of these covers to prevent the covers from shifting.

AC comforters: The word comforters perfectly matche with the soft and soothing texture of the product. Being odorless and skin friendly, they are safe for all types of skin. Filled with 150 gsm of micro fiber polyfill, these single and double sized AC comforters are a perfect product for every bed. They are suitable for an AC environment where the chill drive through your spine. The available sizes are 90"x100" and 60"x90".

Winter Quilts: Quilt and quilt covers are also one of the necessities during the cold seasons. Keeping you warm and comfortable is the key feature of this quilt as they are stuffed with 350 gsm of micro fiber polyfill. Snuggling up in the bed is much more exciting when these soft and mushy winter quilts are around you. Available in single and double sizes they are 90"x100" and 60"x90" in dimension.

These covers and quilts are one of the requirements of a luxury bed. Being dust repellant they do not require much maintenance. They are given a special “LIZA” finish which prevents pilling on the surface. You can wash them in a machine without any shrinkage or color fades. You must avoid hot water and soaking during the cleaning process. Buy duvet covers, quilts, and comforters from and enjoy the winter season.