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Diwan e Khaas

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Diwans are one of the important furniture now-a-days. They have the looks and offer you comfort when you lie down after a tiring day. The look of the diwan itself is not enough to make them as a part of home décor, therefore beautiful diwan-e-khas cover have been offered on to give your home a fabulous look. You diwan will never look the same again when they are draped with eye-catching covers. These cotton diwan bedding sets are also widely appreciated for their soft and smooth texture. Let the excellent texture rub against you and give you a soothing sensation. You will certainly enjoy sleeping on the diwan than your bed.

A huge range of designs can be availed from colorful to simple. In most of the diwan sets, two or more designs are incorporated to give a mix match print. They form a seamless surface as they are woven with high thread count. This also adds strength to the fabric and makes them durable. These covers are made using superior quality cotton which makes them ideal for the skin. Skin irritation and allergies will never cause you any harm even if you stay entire day on the diwan. Every member of your family will be willing to sit on the diwan as they are able to maintain the surface temperature by allowing free movement of air through the tiny pores.

Buy cotton diwan bedding sets from our online shopping portal and enjoy your time in comfort and relaxation. Diwan e khas is offered with complementary bolster covers which gives it an edge. They are available in various sizes to match the diwans of various houses and homes. Your home décor will be complete as you bring the diwan e khaas home. All these diwan are specially designed using modern techniques therefore they are colorfast in nature. You can wash them in a machine without any fear of shedding or color fades.