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    Homedrape- an ultimate service provider of trendsetter furnishings is striving to make home stylizing trouble free. Apart from offering reliable furnishing fabrics and decorative products from various trusted brands at reasonable prices, it has another reason to woo the customers. We have realized that the barrier between a modern home and smart home can be eliminated only through the right knowledge.

    Knowledge about the textile industry is a must for customers to make a right choice. A difference between mercerized and un-mercerized cloth, uses of high thread count cotton over lower one, textural feel of zari work and much more is pretty essential to put money on the right product. An impressive step to help out home makers in designing their interiors we took recently through informative blog posts.

    Within these blogs, right information has been embedded in simplistic words to make you easily understand the glorious history and what’s going on latest in the furnishing industry. So, get benefitted from the basic concepts of textiles to be sensible home makers.